Get Ducatus Wallet

Get Ducatus Wallet

Your journey with Ducatus Coin jump starts when you start ahead and downloads the Ducatus wallet

The Ducatus wallet offers safe and easy access to the Ducatus coins and you can further use it to trade up with Ducatus coins with any other ducatus coin users across the globe, to make payments for all the products and services of various Ducatus affiliate businesses and Ducatus merchant partners.

You can create as many wallets you want, you want while monitoring your coin balances, sending and receiving coins, backing up and restoring your wallet. Still, while you get along with all this process, try keeping your password in a safe and secured place.


Start Exploring Numerous Benefits of Ducatus Coin.

For an Apple user

Create your Ducatus Wallet online at

For an Android user

You can also download the Ducatus Wallet App on the Android App Store and go by the given steps and guidelines on ‘how to create your Ducatus Wallet’.

Things to remember about Ducatus Wallet

Even whilst it’s not a physical wallet, you must always ensure the safety and security of Ducatus Wallet while going by the below steps.

Back Up your Ducatus Wallet

While creating your Ducatus Wallet, you will also be asked to back it up during the process. This step is quite critical and you must not skip it while you have Ducatus coins stored in your wallet. This is quite crucial as that’s the only way to recover your wallet with all the ducatus coins stored within.

Secure your Back-Up Phrase

So once you are done with the backing up of your Ducatus Wallet, you will then be provided with a phrase (kind of password) with 12 random words. You must note down this phrase in the order it has been given to you. The 12-word phrase is your key to your funds in ducatus wallet and this is where you must store them carefully without anyone else knowing about it.

Key in your Back-Up Phrase properly

Once you are on your way to recover your Ducatus Wallet, you have to key in the back-up phrase in the right order. You have to ensure that the phrase that has been provided to you is being keyed in properly in the same manner provided to you.