Four Predictions Regarding the Future of Crypto Currency and Blockchain Technology

Four Predictions Regarding the Future of Crypto Currency and Blockchain Technology

2017 was the year when the block chain technology and crypto currencies have literally taken over the financial markets around. For the records, more than $6.2 billion was pooled into around 875 crypto startups across the globe. That was the time when crypto currencies like Bitcoin and Ducatus coin witnesses a big boom and people went crazy about making some big investments in the same regards.

The blockchain market then saw a big crunch period and crypto currencies like bitcoin and ducatus coin further witnessed a big slump in their market prices. Still, that was the time when blockchain market opened itself to greater and more innovative horizons in terms of product development. Moreover, the block chain technology is no more limited to crypto currencies and it is powering various other sectors like finance and energy. That said; let’s take a look at few of the possibilities in regards to the development of blockchain technology in the coming future.

1. Cryptocurrency markets will soar while putting an end to long running US economy’s Bull Run

As per the recent statements released by the International monetary fund (IMF) the American economy is expected to witness a bear run in the coming times in the wake of “unsustainable debt dynamics”. This is where people are expected to divert towards crypto currencies like bitcoin and ducatus coin as better investment alternatives. While the economy would go through some unwanted fluctuation, a big surge is surely going to happen in the cryptocurrency markets.

2. The rise of a perfect relationship between gaming industry and blockchain technology

Gaming industry is also expected to score some big growth in the coming years while collaborating with the block chain technology around. While most of the gaming platforms have already attracted a big audience from the tech savvy world, it can further act as a perfect world to accommodate the innovation and development of cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin and ducatus coin. Well, the world has already started in the same context and gaming giant Sony is expected to bring their much awaited Play station 4 with blockchain technology.

3. Stablecoins getting more popular

Stablecoins are crypto currencies that bind their value to real time assets like US dollar and this is where they are expected to gain some big popularity in the coming future. Well, this is something that can infuse some stability to already volatile financial markets and the blockchain technology is expected to play a big role here as well.

4. Ever evolving blockchain technology

Many crypto currency users were expecting the launch of blockchain technology’s killer app recently but binding this vast concept into a single app doesn’t seem practical in the logical sense. Hence, we can certainly expect some more innovations in the same domain in the coming times.

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